The original puff pastry dough has butter … lots of butter for your own pleasure !

Puff pastry dough is a fundamental in French baking for pastries and pies. However,  let´s be honest about one thing, puff pastry dough requires time investment and if you plan to eat some  pains au chocolat or croissants the recipe cannot wrapped up in an hour. do not trust recipes that will promise you a dough ready in 15 minutes. You will simply not get the layer of the pastry and your croissants will look a little bit flat.

Time and patience are the key word here. The good news is that the recipe is not as hard as you might think and your patience will be immediately rewarded as soon as you take your first bite. Trust me … 🙂

croissants                            galette des rois



Because of its lengthily process, many get discouraged to tackle the recipe and purchase instead  the ready made version  -which I think  is just a pale copy of the original one but is very  handy to have around.

My opinion is that baking a truly home made  pie  or pastry is a ritual that you should be respect. ( I never kid with baking ) The whole process is a experience in itself. I myself can clearly remember my grandma making apple pie  in the kitchen showing me all steps from the making of the dough to the cutting of the apples. These moments have no price and shape a person forever.

My first cultural chock here in Norway was the total absence of pastries in the local bakeries.   Needless to say that 7 years ago with no cooking or baking skill, I ended up frustrated and very nostalgic of anything from croissants, feuilletées, tartes, vols au vent, and other pastries. The only occasions I found  croissants, most of them where – I highly suspect- made with margarine … which caused  me great disappointment..

You are going to ask “but what the difference after all , it´s fat as well. ”  Well TASTE is the difference and only butter can bring you this.( if you are looking for a healthy and light breakfast tip. I am preparing a oatmeal article very soon )

I often hear people asking me how do we do in France not to end up fat with all this butter in our cooking and us eating cake and pastry every day. Well, I can only speak for myself but my body does not have a fast burning metabolism so butter i only occasional  and pastries for breakfast is a  rare treat that i reserve for my holy Sunday morning  breakfast after a long grasse matinée * . 

* involves not setting your alarm clock and sleep as much as you want ( 12 pm in my case )

If you are not scared by the calories or the time to invest the recipe will be posted very soon.


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