cheese class with Stavanger Ysteri

This week in all Norway  is held the “økøuke” ( translated in English as organic week ). A lot of events are organised throughout the country and in Rogaland county especially. ( check the details at

It is the perfect opportunity for people to discover diverse actors  dedicated to produce organic products in the region and nationally.

One of the event organised was a cheese making course at the Stavanger cheese factory ( in Norwegian Ysteri).  If you are unsure about where to find this place, you will be happy to know if it situated in Stavanger East close to the newly open Mathallen.

Lise makes fantastic cheese that taste just like they were made in France.  I have a weakness for her goat cheese which tastes amazing.

We were introduced the basis method for making yoghurt,butter milk, and feta cheese. The class was very interesting as Lise knows very well her topic and is obviously passionate.

I was very glad to see many people showed up and that the interest is strong. Lise is planning more classes and for more information check the facebook page of Stavanger Ysteri  :

I have myself made a lot of yoghurt and fresh cheese over the past two years but I wanted to see how a professional is doing and get even better. I learnt a few tricks that are not explained in recipes and received like all participants a sample of rennet and yoghurt culture.

Good Luck Lise !

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