Puff pastry dough for dummies part 2

We left each others at the first step of the puff pastry dough making where you let your dough rest.


Now we are going to make turns 🙂 Follow the steps and you will succeed your puff.

1.Remove your dough from the fridge

2. Place your dough on the kitchen bench

3. Pull the dough with a rolling in until you dough is approximately a square of 12 cm / 5 inches

4.Cut slices of butter ( should be as thick as your dough)

5. Fold your dough in order to cover the butter.

1.  puff pastry dough 2.puff pastry dough

3. puff pastry dough   4.puff pastry dough

5.puff pastry dough

6. Press the dough with a rolling pin  lengh wise up to 1 cm thickness to distribute evenly the butter

7. Think of your dough divided in three ( like if you were folding a letter) . Fold the bottom third and the top third on top.

8. You should have now a three layer dough rectangular. Wrap it in a plastic folder and set it to the fridge during 20 minutes

9. repeat this operation 5 times more

Guess what you are finally done ! … congratulation you can now use your dough for croissants, pains au chocolat or a pie.

PS: the dough can be frozen .. you do not need to make it every time 😉


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