chocolate confectioneries with a not so common taste …

It has been three years now that every Christmas we visit my husband family  in the Trøndelag region for the Season Holidays. We always spend an afternoon in Trondheim during our stay and it is always the occasion for us to fill the suitcases with delicacies and chocolate.

My favourite place is  the Solside Shopping center for all its cosy places. On the first floor you will come across the chocolate confectioner  Cielo.

I have a thing for chilli and chocolate ganache filled confectioneries but the one that caught our attention is the one filled with brown cheese.  It´s unexpected and very creamy. For the Norwegian reading me not living in Trondheim, they have a website where you can order online.

Brunost chocolate

(Now If you are not a reader from Scandinavia, you might not know what I am actually talking about … Let me enlighten you  : Brown cheese is a Norwegian type of cheese that is a caramelized whey cheese. The taste has actually nothing to do with cheese and taste more like caramel. )

(picture from the Cielo website

Still in Norway but now in Stavanger. A I was walking in the city center with a friend visiting from Ecuador we stopped by the cosy shop ” Sjokolade Piken”. In there I had the most unexpected chocolate experience.

Here´s the confectionery now … what do you think  it was …?

blue cheese chocolate  blue cheese chocolates

the filling is a chocolate ganache with … BLUE CHEESE ! yes you read right.  I could not believe that I could find such a thing outside of France.

The combination might sounds awful and the fact I am French might not help to convince you but I can assure you the taste is quite nice. ( My also made my husband taste it)

What do you think about strange chocolate mix ?


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