How to Take Good Shots of Food With Your Smartphone

This was a very useful article on how to take picture of the food I make in my kitchen 🙂

Fleeting Colors

It is really amazing that how food colors matter to our appetite. I always love food with bright colors, and green color is a plus because green food is usually healthy. Years ago, I took a photography class, in which we learned how to take food photography. There are many useful tips, such as use wider aperture to avoid blurry spot, or make color adjustments with professional image processing software (e.g. Photoshop). However, when we are going out with friends, there are great chances that we don’t have any digital camera in hand or we don’t have time to do post-processing. But luckily, we have smartphones. I’m not sure if Samsung smart phones have a great camera, but I think iPhone’s fifth and sixth generations have good enough cameras. Below are three photos that I took with iPhone6.IMG_3399

  1. Natural light

Natural light is extremely important especially when you only have a smart…

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