Food trip in Brazil and result of my non- meat challenge !


I just came back from a wonderful trip in Brazil this week end and enjoyed every bit of it.

This was my first time ever in the country and for this very first trip I had chosen to visit  the Northern Part including Fortaleza, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro.

On this fantastic gastronomic journey I had the chance to taste Bahian food from Salvador and challenge myself with a non meat food experience. Many says the country boast the best meat in the world, I cannot agree more. However it is a cliché to reduce the country to barcecue. Brazil offers a large number of fish dishes and vegetarian  alternative and to tell you the truth  I have actually had more choice  than my husband when not choosing meat !Fish, beans, vegetables, bananas etc..

Some of the highlights of this culinary experience is the moqueca of fresh fish ( fish stew cooked with coconut oil, fried plantain, mango juice, tapioca pancake and cake, acai, passion fruit mousse, fejao and all its declination – black bean stew)- to name a few…).

Here are some of the pictures from my intragram account :

20151030_150359 20151030_151824 20151030_15484320151108_152424 20151030_185134 20151030_192214 20151030_200525 20151031_111029 20151031_111244 20151031_113645 20151031_113722 20151031_122639 20151031_184542 20151101_083115 20151101_083128 20151101_083504 20151101_143655 20151101_143729 20151101_143743 20151103_080243 20151103_080248 20151103_080254 20151103_125440 20151103_130401 20151104_091138 20151105_215441 20151106_211834 20151108_122657 20151108_122927 20151108_122930 20151108_211754 20151108_214608 20151109_184946 20151111_190025

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