The job hunting process : an unexpected journey

When I lost my job due to the current oil market last July, my life took an unexpected turn. Like Bilbo the hobbit, I had to leave my “Shire “and had to embark on a hazardous journey which would take me to places I have never been until my final destination : the dream job.

The market is tough and the challenges high. In today´s market, you have to stand out and go out of your comfort zone, grab your courage and fight for what you want.  Doubts, challenges and occasional feeling of failure are paving the road. Luckily, the quest to the dream job is not always as dark as the Mordor Mountains, and on my journey, I met some other “companions”- former colleagues, friends, freshly made entrepreneurs, inspiring professionals and other fellow unemployed.

5 months have passed and Christmas is close now. It´s time to wrap up 2015 and welcome 2016. According to predictions, next year is not going to get any better for the oil and gas market.  The future looks gloomy. But I also heard several times that when one door shut, another opens and that made me to think … What if my career took a different direction that I had thought?

The journey of a job hunter is an emotion roller coaster but I want to stay positive, mentally strong and true to myself. I might not have gotten the Holy Grail YET, but in the past 5 months I have seized opportunities to make new connections, attend courses and nurture personal projects. This is indeed a journey with an unexpected outcome and I am looking forward to see the outcome.

PS : and yes … I am a geek and proud to be !

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