turning your passion into something concrete – how I created my French cooking blog

Hi,  I ´m Claire and I am the girl behind the blog France in my plate – the blog of a hungry French girl. I live in Stavanger and I have been living 7 years in total in Norway.

I travelled to Norway in 2008 for an exchange program in Molde University college to complete my Master degree in Supply Chain and something must have had a huge impact on me because in 2015 I am still here and got married with a Norwegian.

When I came to Norway I was a terrible cook ( yes, … it´s true, not lying ) but I had to face the fact that if I did not wanted to starve, I had to do something about it . All those years I have been experiencing in my kitchen ( I call it my lab ..) up to a day I realized I really enjoyed it and was more equipped with kitchen appliances that Eyvind Hellstrøm ( I am pretty sure since I follow his TV program regularly ). Two years ago I decided to share my tons of pictures on Facebook and then on my blog came.

It is my blog again that keeps my mood up in those gloomy days in Stavanger ( I am 100 % home since last July) and realized that my forced stay -at -home situation is a perfect opportunity to finally fulfill my passion. I still apply and network between two pastry recipes and I think it a lot more fun 😉

follow me on my French cooking blog and learn that cooking French and healthy is at everyone´s reach 🙂

https://franceinmyplate.wordpress.com/ and one facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/Franceinmyplate/



Claire – the hungry French girl from Stavanger

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