Lyon city of lights

Early December I wanted to share with you one of the most beautiful December celebration happening in Lyon ” la fête des Lumières” (festival of Lights) but the recent terrorist attacks in Paris last November have changed the agenda.


Instead of the usual light illumination on the city buildings  during the first week of December the Lyonnais have honoured the original spirit of the long tradition with putting lights in the streets in the honour the the victims from the terror attack.

If you are interested to attend to the next Festival which taken place every year early December, check the official website of the city of Lyon or take contact with me. I will be delighted to give you more information 🙂



You will find more of the pictures from the beautiful celebration in Lyon under this offical facebook page of the city of Lyon. Pictures were taken by Paul Bourdrel.


© Ville de Lyon / Paul Bourdrel12342488_984444191624564_7842839254035686713_n

© Ville de Lyon / Paul Bourdrel12308407_984445251624458_4148991225994686925_n

© Ville de Lyon / Paul Bourdrel12341533_984445654957751_8550504776717073599_n

© Ville de Lyon / Paul Bourdrel


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