Reindeer cookies

I found this very cute reindeer cookie recipe on a French website last week and was happily surprised to see that my Rudoph cookies were such a success !


Ingredients :

For the cookies :
– Vanilla extract (one tea spoon)
– 350 grams of flour
– 180 grams of butter
– 200 grams of sugar
– 1 egg
– round cookie cutters

For the decoration :
– smarties or skittles ( you can use red ones as well as other colors )
– 70 % of baking chocolate -between 80 to 120 grams
– a spoon of oil
– a piping bag

Mix the dry ingredients together in a kitchen aid, then the vanilla, butter and egg until it forms a dough.This dough should not be sticky ( just use a bit more flour if it is).

Roll the dough between tao sheets of baking paper with a rolling pin. The dough should be 4 cm thick.

Pre-heat the oven at 180 degres celsius.

Cut circle with the round cookie cutters and lay them on a baking sheet. When the oven is warm cook the cookies at a 180 degres for 10 minutes.


While letting the cookies cool off, melt the chocolate at 30 degres celsuis on a bain marie.

When the chocolate is melted completely (be careful it doesnt burn and use a low heat), add a spoon of oil (with a neutral taste, olive oil or sun flower oil are too strong) and fill the piping bag with the mixture. (If it is still a bit thick add a bit of water.The goal is that the chocolate doesnt solidify quickly and stays runny. Professionals uses cocoa butter by the way.)

Draw the antlers of your reindeer with the piping bag.

(I needed experienced to handle the piping bag even if I made many macarons before. It might be useful to train on a baking sheet. A useful tip is maybe not to put too much chocolate in the bag).


Draw the eyes and glue a smarties with the chocolate for the nose.
They are ready when dry…if you can wait 😉

They can be kept in a box for a week.

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