Petits Farcis – Stuffed tomatoes

Petits farcis are generally made out of tomatoes and round courgettes and stuffed with good quality sausage meat. You can off course replace meat with rice or feta. Whatever stuffing you choose, the higher quality the better.

Petits Farcis is a typical recipe from Nice with had clearly influences from Provence region and Languedoc in south of  France . Many other Mediteranean countries like Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey share the same similar recipes.

In the old time, bread crumbs and milk when added to the stuffing but I did not use this version of the recipe for personal taste.  I also don´t take any measure for this recipe because I simple make it to use up my remaining  of vegetables and meat ( from sausage making for example).

I do not have access to round courgettes in Norway despite my attempts last summer to grow mine on my balcony.So… I guess I will have to renew the project this summer too ! 😉



  • 6 big tomatoes
  • grounded meat ( lamb, pork or  beef)
  • Provence Herbs
  • salt, pepper
  • white wine ( a few spoons or drop from a dry wine)
  • home made broth / organic broth


  1. In a bowl, mix the grounded meat,  add some drops of white wine, a few spoons of Provence herbs, salt and pepper. Let it marinate over night covered in the fridge.
  2. Cut the top of the tomatoes – you will use it as a  “hat ” or a “lid” later.
  3. Remove the core of each of the tomatoes  without damaging them and keep it for the next text of the recipe.  You should end up with hollow tomatoes.  Make some  some ball of marinated meat that you will place in the  tomatoes.Cover the tomatoes with the lids / hats.
  4. Mix the core of the tomatoes  in a bowl with a plunger mixer, then  add the broth,  the extra virgin olive oil of good quality. ( I would prefer an olive oil with a taste of young green olive oil)
  5. Place the tomatoes on a form, pour over the tomato and olive oil  mix and set it in the oven at 200 c during 20 minutes.IMG_8267











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