Charlotte aux Fraises

A no bake cake perfect for celebrations !


  • 50 cl heavy cream
  • 600 grams strawberries
  • 90g sugar
  • 12 grams gelatin
  • 40 lady fingers
  • 3 spoons of ice sugar

first of all, strawberries 🙂

Wash and cut  the strawberries. Keep aside some for the decoration. ( 3 or 4 depending on the size )

IMG_0389Soften the gelatin for 10 min in cold water

Pour half of the strawberries in a bowl together with the sugar and mix it with a plunger mix into a coulis

IMG_0396IMG_0397IMG_0398Take four ladles of strawberry coulis in a casserole and warm it mildly.

Pour the gelatin into the warm strawberry coulis.

Set aside in a bowl a few ladles of strawberry coulis. (It will be used to soak the lady fingers)

Let´s whip some cream …

Whip the cold heavy cream until it is firm. Add a few spoons of ice sugar in the end of the process.



Add the warm coulis (the one with the gelatin) and place it to the refrigerator to cool off.


soaking some lady fingers .. let´s try to keep off the biscuits 😛

Put aside the lady fingers that will be used for the decoration on the outside. (In my recipe I used 22 lady fingers.)

Place the lady fingers on the edges of the cake form on the round side.

Lightly soak the rest of the lady fingers to make the bottom of the charlotte.





Take the cooled off whipped cream off the fridge and add the rest of the strawberries into the cream.

Spread a thick layer of cream and strawberry mix, then cover with a layer of soaked lady fingers.



alost done !!

Finally, cover with the rest of the strawberry and cream mix. Protect the charlotte with a plastic film. Decorate with strawberries, marshmallow, blueberries or mint leaves.


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