Simple peach pie

I heard once French food is so fancy and I wondered is that so ? At home we always used seasonal products that we bought either at the shop and on Sundays at the markets. We always used consciously the remaining to avoid waste. This is still my philosophy.

I often make puff pastry but it is always very handy to have some pre-made. Unfortunately in Norway there are very few choices and I import mine. ( Maybe once of my only luxury). Puff pastry rolls holds very well in the freezer and I always use the remaining as they were so precious.

With a few peaches I had on the kitchen bench and some vanilla cream ( crême  patissière) – the recipe can be found in the pasteis de nata recipe 

I managed to make a beautiful pie. Still convinced french food is fancy ?


Ingredients :

  • creme patissière see recipe  here ->pasteis de nata recipe 
  • a roll of puff pastry
  • 2 peaches, sliced
  • some currants for decoration

Lay the puff pastry dough in a form ( I did not use any butter in the form), pour some cream then the peaches ( my form is 15 cm diameters- increase the amount to 4 -5 if you have a 25 cm diameter pie form).

cooking time : 20 minutes at 180 degrees ( celsius)


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