Roasted pumpkin and blackberries 

This summer I went really crazy with blackberries.  We are blessed to live in a very green area in Stavanger where there are a huge amounts of bushes. Most of our picking has been frozen for rainy days for meals just like this one. It is a perfect recipe to make the transition between summer and autumn.


For this recipe you will need :

  • a pumpkin ( I used the Hokkaido type)
  • a handful of blackberries
  • a steam of spring onion
  • olive oil
  • a sprig of Rosemarie
  • balsamic vinegar from Modena ( at least 3 years of age) or pomegranate vinegar ( Olivier & Co)
  1. cut slices of the pumpkin, remove the seeds
  2. place on a baking sheet with blackberrie
  3. drizzle some olive oil over the pumpkin slices
  4. sprinkle some rosmarie.
  5. set the oven on 200 ‎°C for 15 minutes
  6. drizzle the vinegar once baked

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