10 tips to embrace the autumn season in Norway

There it is.. we are end of October and November is on it´s way.

We have been blessed with exceptional weather conditions and we are enjoying the marvelous orange colors of the nature. The air  though has lately  gotten chilly, the experienced the first frost, the days are quickly getting shorter and the heavy rain typical from West Norway are back.

1.going berry and mushroom picking

This year in October we were  still able to pick up blackberries, cloudberries ( multe in Norwegian ) in the mountains. In the forests, people are going on chanterelles hunting.So autumn is a really exiting moment of the year where the kitchen drawers are full of dried mushrooms and fruit preserve, the freezer is packed with home made jams and frozen berries.


the gold of Norway..

2.enjoying autumn markets

I love autumn markets are they are currently popping up at every corner of the town. They are called høst marked here. It is the perfect opportunity to find seasonal vegetables and home made preserve and jams.

3.enjoying the  city cafés

Have you noticed that coffee tastes even better when it is cold outside ? I love to sit in the Norwegian coffee places with all the candles lit and the cosy atmosphere created. It is also the best time to try out a new coffee brand or a new tea flavor.

  1. going on short walking trip in the nature

This is the time of the year where all Norwegians enjoy a last walk in the mountains before the raining and dark season of November. December for skiing is still a long way to go and everyone is trying to enjoy the nature. Fresh air and the positive feeling  induced after a good exercise is good for your mood and your level of vitamin D. With the days getting shorter and the typical weather in November, it is extra important to take care of your heath.


Rogaland in Autumn


a  foot quick in the autumn leaves, anyone ?

4.Indulging into the candle frenzy

First thing I do as I feel the chilly air is to go and replenish the stock of candles in all shapes, sizes and color. Doesn´t feel better once you have lit all the candles ? Here in Norway we call something cosy as ” koselig”. The term very used in the language and making things cosy or ” koselig ” is the fundamental of being Norwegian.


6. home socks and comfortable clothes

I am an absolute fan of home socks. They are soft and really make you feel like a baby !

They is absolutely no shame in investing in sweat pants or worse pajamas. I love the feeling of the fabric and their is nothing better than comfort at home!



  1. adopt the cat attitude

is there anything else to say really ? Have you ever seen them sleeping ? Don´t they look happy ?

sleepy cat

  1. Enjoy a feel good movie
  2. decorate the house

One thing I learned here in Norway is that decoration however simple is important especially to go through autumn and the long winter months.

10 . last but not least food. Pumpkin, pears and chocolate are the key ! Here is a selection of recipes I tested the past weeks:

-Roasted pumpkins and blackberries



-Pear and chocolate pie



-Pears & Apples compote














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