Yule cake and tradition

Every year early December I face the same death or life matter question : What taste will the Yule log be this year ?

Don´t laugh.. the choice of the bûche de Noël every year is no joke in France. In fact every year at home in my family we ended up  fighting over three weeks to know what we would order. In the end, the same thing always happened, each of us would get his  own Yule log. Yes Christmas dessert is take VERY seriously at our place ..

Almost 80 % of French people  ( source http://www.lsa-conso.fr/)will be eating a Yule log for Christmas. Tradition is persistent in France but tastes have evolved over the years and the chefs patissiers are surpassing themselves in December to propose imaginative cakes. ( tastes, shape, ingredients, … possibilities are endless !)

This year I have chosen to make a fruity Yule log with a tropical taste. This Cake is easy to make though requires a few cooking steps until completion. I actually made it in the cabin with a very restricted numbers of tools. ( a spatula, a mixer, a few bowls and a measuring cup..)


Here ´s my recipe :



Yule Log
mango and vanilla Yule log


take a look at some the Yule log proposed by patissiers or food chains in 2015/2014 :10192570-buche-glacee-empreintes-d-a-la-mere-de-famille

Bûche de Noël à la Mère de Famille © à la Mère de Famille


Bûche de Noël Picard © Picard


Bûche de Pierre Marcolini  ©sdp Pierre Marcolini



http://www.iletaitunebuche.com (c) Laurent Fau


http://www.vincentguerlais.com/ DR


lamaisonduchocolat.com DR


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