Norwegian Mont -Blanc

Ingredients :

  • Wild blueberries or fresh / organic blueberries

  • Salted caramel spread or dulce de leche


  • 150 g  mascarpone cheese
  • 1 spoon of sugar
  • 230 g  cold liquid cream
The quantities given for the cream and mascarpone are given for 6 people

1.Mix the blueberries with a little of sugar . This is what we call in norwegian “rørte blåbær”

2.Whip the mascarpone cheese with cream and sugar  into a kitchen aid ( the cream must be cold –  you must whip the cream and ascarpone as you take them straight out of the fridge. )

  1. Place  a small meringue on top of the blueberries and cover with the cream.

3.Pour the salted caramel spread

That´s IT 🙂

20170903_170136 1.jpg

Picking blueberries in the montains .. ( hereunder in Lofoten islands in Norway) 20170902_141951.jpg


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